Open Collective Host Terms of Service

Any collective using our hosting facility on the Open Collective platform (OC) should be aware that funds paid in support of that collective through OC are subject to fees as set out below:

1. OC platform fee: 5%

2. Stripe payment processor fee: 1.4% plus 20p per transaction for European payment cards (2.9% + 20p per transaction for non-European cards). These fee rates were corect at the time of writing (as at May 12 2019) but you are advised to check against Stripe's current published rates on their website.

3. Platform 6 Development Co-operative admin fee: 2% This fee level is under continuous review and we may decide to adjust this fee level if the costs incurred in providing the service are higher (or lower) than anticipated. In that case we will give all collectives that we are hosting ample notice of the planned change. Note that many hosts on Open Collective use 5% as their baseline figure. We are seeking to operate at lower fee level because we see the service offered through Open Collective as a useful resource for pre-start and early stage initiatives that we would want to see succeeding in terms of our own mission, and also becuase we see our relationship with Opn Collective and the broader communities of interest that are engaged with that platform as a valuable outreach opportuniy.

Funds can be paid in via other channels by agreement, for example directly into our bank account, and in those cases the Stripe fee and the OC fee do not apply.

All funds are paid in to the Platform 6 bank account. We hold those funds on behalf of the relevant collective, and all payments will be recorded in the OC user interface.

When a claim is made against those funds, e.g. for an expense relating to that collective, the coordinator of that collective first needs to approve that expense. We've set some guidelines about the paperwork that is required to claim an expense, and we are happy to discuss and clarify these at any time. Once the collective's coordinator has approved an expense, Platform 6 - as the host - will review the claim and if it meets the agreed criteria and there are funds to meet the claim, we will action payment.

By default, payments out will be made via Paypal, and the recipient of the payment will pay the Paypal transaction fees due. Payments out can be made via other channels by agreement.

Paypal transactions fees for expense payments at this time (August 2020) are as follows:

Expense in GBP: 2.9% + £0.30
Expense in other currency: 3.4% +£0.30

The collective that is hosted is essentially viewed as a project of the Platform 6 Development Co-operative, and is offered membership of Platform 6.

It's important to recognise that we are learning as we go with this, so essentially the service is in what we might call a "beta" mode. We're keen to co-operate closely with you and your colleagues to maximise our joint learning and address any issues that may crop up as we develop the service. Our goal is to deliver a useful and cost-effective service. Your input and feedback is highly valued.